Gina Garcia Benzien
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA)

" Enrich Your Quality of Life "

Character Sketch:

Gina developed a passion and love for design at a very young age. Inspired by her mother’s symbiotic relationship with her garden, the smell of fresh cut grass, the texture of soil in her hands, and the sound of watering nurturing the garden’s growth, Gina gravitated towards a career in landscape architecture which eventually transcended to an appreciation for all design; exterior and interior.

She received her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) from the University of Arizona in Tucson. During her time at the University of Arizona, she was part of the Tejido Group, an outreach program that operates as a professional office. As part of the Tejido Group, she had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects. The various projects include; ‘Cusinart Resort and Spa’ in the British West Indies, The University of Arizona Student Housing Master Plan, and a New Town Development of 3,000 people situated on a 1200 acre pecan grove located in Picacho Peak, Arizona.

Throughout her time in Arizona she developed an extensive background in landscape design for arid environments and worked on a variety of project types including urban streetscapes, transportation enhancements, multi-use pedestrian facilities, parks, schools and residential developments.

In 2000 she moved to San Diego where she furthered her career as a designer and Project Manager at Estrada Land Planning. Her professional life and personal interest in gardens, planting design and intimate spaces nurtured the beginning of Benzien Design.

Her enthusiasm for design and spatial relationships defines her remarkable ability to balance and enhance the intersection between natural (exterior) and built (interior) environments. Her work displays a particular sensitivity to site and context, functionality and vision. Her vision takes into account the environment, the uses and its users, and how a particular experience may evoke different feelings.

She has the gift of transforming outdoor spaces into extensions of interior spaces and creating unique ambiance-settings that fit the client’s personality, needs and desires. Her designs employ innovative ideas that produce timeless designs with cutting edge sophistication.

She is driven by creativity and constantly seeks to broaden her perspectives through nature, photography, travel, people and all things in between that bind all these components together seamlessly.

Awards and Affiliations:

Design Innovation Institute
- Board of Directors
Graduate Research Award (ASLA Honors)
- Cusinart Resort & Spa British West Indies
Alvin O. Hurst Scholarship
- Picacho Peak, New Town Development
Desert Garden Club Scholarship
- University of Arizona, Student Housing Master Plan